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  • First, friends who know zirconia ceramics should know that it has a very hard shell, and its hardness is close to that of natural diamonds, but it is much lighter than metal in weight, and more importantly, it will never wear and change color. Therefore, many high-end watches are made of zirconia ce

  • Zirconia is a white, powdered metal oxide. Like other common dental crown materials, it is a ceramic. Zirconia is made from zirconium, a metal with similar properties to titanium. Zirconia ceramics, ZrO2 (zirconium dioxide) ceramics, have high melting and boiling points, high hardness, insulators a

  • Q : Does alumina ceramic absorb water?A : Whether the ceramic absorbs water is judged whether it is processed by high temperature sintering process, usually the water absorption rate of ceramic is ≥5%. Q : Is alumina ceramic conductive?A: AI2O3 ceramics have excellent electrical insulation performa

  • The answer is yes. Zirconia ceramics, ZrO2 ceramics, and Zirconia Ceramics have high melting and boiling points, high hardness, insulators at room temperature, and electrical conductivity at high temperatures. Zirconia/alumina ceramics can be used in some electronic products such as the back cover o

  • Ceramics commonly understood by us are household fragile products such as floors and bowls. In fact, various types and applications of ceramics are numerous, and their hardness can be very high. For example, the bezel of some of our watches is made of ceramics. For example, the bottom plate of some


The main products of Mingxing Ceramic include ceramic seal ring, ceramic shaft, alumina ceramic rod and discs, steatite ceramic insulator, etc. 


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