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  • Ceramic materials play an important role in science and technology, especially high-tech fields, and have broad application prospects. Ceramic connection technology is the key to the wide application of these materials, so it has become one of the research hotspots in the field of materials.

  • The alumina ceramic substrate is made like this! How much do you know? Alumina ceramic substrate processing and manufacturing process and forming method Is the alumina ceramic substrate processing and manufacturing process and method the same as ordinary circuit boards?

  • Alumina ceramic production process! How much do you know? Let us find out! Production process of alumina ceramics 1. Raw material process The bauxite ore transported into the factory by truck is weighed at the weighbridge station and then dumped into the unloading station or aluminum ore yard

  • Industrial ceramics have been widely used in many emerging fields due to their superior characteristics in recent years, among which alumina ceramics and zirconia ceramics are the most common.Ceramic density comparisonThe density of zirconia ceramics is twice that of alumina ceramics.

  • Introduction to the advantages of alumina ceramic tubeAlumina ceramic tube advantages, functions, advantages, introduction Abstract: Alumina ceramic tubes have good conductivity, mechanical strength and high temperature resistance. It should be noted that ultrasonic cleaning is required. Alumina cer

  • Alumina ceramic injection molding process The ceramic injection molding process mainly includes four processes: feeding, injection molding, degreasing and sintering. (1) Selection and optimization of powder The study found that different Al2O3 powder mixing ratios caused great differences in the inj

  • Does alumina ceramic absorb water? Answer: Whether the ceramic absorbs water is judged whether it is processed by high temperature sintering process, usually the water absorption rate of ceramic is ≥5%. Is alumina ceramic conductive? Answer: AI2O3 ceramics have excellent electrical insulation pe

  • Many people who have customized ceramic parts know that most of alumina ceramics are white, but after a long period of use, it will change from white ceramic parts to light yellow. Why does alumina ceramic change color? Is it because of the oxidation reaction? The alumina ceramic parts gradually ch

  • Alumina ceramics must be familiar to everyone, and they are widely used in our daily life. Here, I will explain the product characteristics of alumina ceramics for strengthening requirements, and help you understand alumina ceramics. 1. Strengthening requirements of alumina ceramics do you know? Now

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The main products of Mingxing Ceramic include ceramic seal ring, ceramic shaft, alumina ceramic rod and discs, steatite ceramic insulator, etc. 


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