Mingxing Ceramics offers the best ceramic honing/sharpening rod which combined the finer abrasive characteristics of alumina ceramic. A round ceramic sharpening rod can be created an unbreakable, wear-resistant sharpener and offers the finest polished edge of all bonded abrasives and the right choice for regular “touch-ups” to maintain a razor-sharp edge.  

Ceramic Sharpener is made of alumina ceramics, a material close in hardness to diamond. so, round ceramic sharpening rod is wear-resistant, light in weight and will never rust. The sharpening rod hones and realigns your knife edge quickly and easily. The best ceramic honing/sharpening rod is long enough to hone most any knife in your block from a small chef's knife to a large butchering knife. 

Mingxing Ceramics' Ceramic Sharpener utilizes the highest quality materials and craftsmanship and provides the finest polished edge of all bonded abrasives. Mingxing Ceramics' Ceramic Sharpener has been the trusted choice for decades and provides consistent sharpening every time. 

Ceramic Sharpener Specifications


95% Alumina ceramics



Machining accuracy

The outside diameter tolerance  ±0.5


wear-resisting and high hardness


sharpenning bar

Advantages of Ceramic Sharpener

● High hardness
● Easy to use and easy to learn
The best ceramic honing/sharpening rod can sharpen blades of unusual shapes and sizes. Once you learn how to use them, you can make your knife extra sharp very quickly.
● Relatively inexpensive (require less material)
● Doesn't take off too much material
● Wear-resisting and Low-maintenance
Require little work to keep them in a good shape.
● Ideal for valuable kitchen knives of high hardness
Round ceramic sharpening rod length to hone almost any knife in your block from a small chef's knife to large butchering knife.

Disdvantages of Ceramic Sharpener


Ceramic Sharpener Can break into pieces if dropped.

● Only for repair

A round ceramic sharpening rod can’t be used to repair damaged knives. Often best used for edge maintenance, not ideal for reprofiling.

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