Alumina Ceramic Disc is a kind of ceramic material with alumina as the main material, which is manufactured through specific work. Due to its excellent conductivity, high-temperature resistance, and mechanical strength, Alumina Ceramic Disc is mainly used in thick film integrated circuits and valves

Because the ceramic material has very small thermal deformation, lightweight, and much higher bonding strength than the metal, with excellent corrosion resistance, so Alumina Ceramic Valve Disc can better adapt to high wear, strong corrosion, and other adverse conditions.

Generally, the crystal ion radius of alumina ceramic material is small, and the ion electricity price is high and the coordination number is large. These intrinsic properties determine the compressive strength, wear-resistance, and hardness of ceramic material. Therefore, Mingxing Ceramics' Alumina Ceramic Disc is suitable for valves.

Alumina Ceramic Disc Specifications


95% Alumina Ceramics



Machining accuracy





Used in valves

Advantages of Alumina Ceramic Disc

● High flatness and parallelism
● Compact and uniform microstructure with high strength
● Good permeability and uniform adsorption affinity
● Dressing easily, Fine pore size.
● Resistant to High temperature to 1000℃.
● High acid or alkaline corrosion.
● High strength
● Voltage resistance
● High Thermal Expansion
● Stable electrical performance characteristics. 
● Good thermal conductivity
● Excellent Thermal Insulation; low thermal conductivity
● High resistance to crack propagation, high fracture toughness
● Ability to conduct oxygen ions

Application of Alumina Ceramic Disc

● Pump components, valve components, flow components
● Vacuum Chucks
● Filters
● Oxygen Diffusers
● Air Bearings
● Permeable Substrates
● Dispersion Media
● Ash Handling
● Wicking Media
● Fluidized Bed Plates
● Specialty Spargers
● Breathers – Vents

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