Zirconia Ceramic can conduct oxygen ions and has very low thermal conductivity and high strength. Unlike traditional ceramics that tend to be hard and brittle, Zirconia Ceramic offers high strength, wear resistance, and flexibility far beyond those of most other technical ceramics. 

Zirconia Ceramic is a very strong technical ceramic with excellent properties in hardness, fracture toughness, and corrosion resistance. Zirconia Ceramic's unique resistance to crack propagation and high thermal expansion makes it an excellent material for joining ceramics with metals like steel. Due to Zirconia Ceramic’s unique properties, it is sometimes referred to as the “ceramic steel”.

As the top 5 zirconia ceramic suppliers and zirconia ceramic manufacturers, Mingxing Ceramics are always happy to use our many years of advanced ceramics experience to provide advice on materials, design, and application. If you would like to buy zirconia ceramic tubes, plates, rods, or custom machined components, please contact us and one of our experts will be happy to assist you.

Advantages of Zirconia Ceramic

● High density 
● High flexural strength and hardness
● Excellent fracture toughness – impact resistant
● High maximum use temperature
● Wear-resistant
● Good frictional behavior
● Electrical insulator
● Low thermal conductivity – approx. 10% of Alumina
● Corrosion resistance in acids and alkalis
● Modulus of elasticity similar to steel
● Coefficient of thermal expansion similar to iron

Application of Zirconia Ceramic

Mingxing Ceramics is the top 5 zirconia ceramic suppliers and zirconia ceramic manufacturers in China and can meet your technical ceramic prototyping & manufacturing needs. 
Zirconia Ceramic is used as tools for wire forming, as auxiliaries in welding processes, as materials for crowns and bridges in the dental industry, as insulating rings in thermal processes, and as oxygen measurement cells in lambda probes.
● Wire forming/drawing dies
● Insulating rings in thermal processes
● Precision shafts and axles in high wear environments
● Furnace process tubes
● Wear resistance pads
● Thermocouple protection tubes
● Sandblasting nozzles
● Refractory material
● Extrusion dies
● Bushings and caps
● Kiln furniture crucible
● Fiber optic ferrules and sleeves
● Knives and blades
● Fuel cell parts
● Bearings & rollers
● Welding nozzles & pins
● Laser parts
● Gas igniters
● Electric insulator
● Ceramic guiders
● Oxygen sensors
● Medical and surgical component
● Mechanical seals
● Pumps, pistons, and liners


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