Mingxing's ceramic bushing and ceramic piston components are engineered for high durability and reliability. Our complete manufacturing process control, from forming to finishing, allows us to maintain the highest standards for your custom components.

Ceramic Bushing

Ceramic Bushing, also known as eyelet or ferrule, exhibits excellent dielectric and thermal properties, making them ideal for use as electrical bushings and in high-temperature applications. Alumina ceramics and SiC Ceramics offers outstanding durability. Ceramic Bushing is commonly used as antenna insulators, to support wires, rods or grids in ovens, and as wire guides in high voltage electrical equipment, among other uses.

As top 5 ceramic bushing suppliers, Mingxing ceramics‘ technical ceramics business offers a comprehensive line of Ceramic Bushing for use in a range of power generation and distribution applications. Engineered to some of the industry’s highest tolerances, our Ceramic Bushing provides unrivaled reliability, quality, and performance within high wear environments.

Ceramic Piston

Ceramic Piston inherits the hard and wearable nature of their ceramic parent material, making them more durable. The relatively low density of alumina ceramics or SiC ceramics also makes it lighter and easier to manage, repair, and maintain than metal-coated plungers. Ceramics have a lower coefficient of friction, resulting in less sliding resistance of the piston and reduced wear of Ceramic Piston during prolonged operation.

Mingxing ceramics‘ Ceramic Piston is manufactured from alumina ceramics or SiC ceramics. Among the primary benefits of Ceramic Piston is their resistance to salt water, oil, and some chemical solutions. This characteristic makes Ceramic Piston ideal for the medical, food and beverage, petrochemical, and specialty chemical industries where there are tight regulations regarding fluid contamination.

As top 5 ceramic bushings suppliers and ceramic pistons manufacturers, Mingxing' Ceramic Bushing and Ceramic Piston are engineered for high durability and reliability. Our complete manufacturing process control, from forming to finishing, allows us to maintain the highest standards for your custom Ceramic Bushing and Ceramic Piston.

Mingxing Ceramics maintains a large, in-stock inventory of Ceramic Bushing and Ceramic Piston in a range of standard sizes, diameters, and thicknesses. We also offer specialty and hard-to-find sizes, available by special order. 

Ceramic Bushing and Ceramic Piston Specifications


95% Alumina ceramics

99% Alumina ceramics

SiC Ceramics





Machining accuracy

The outside diameter tolerance  ±0.005  Concentricity±0.01

The outside diameter tolerance  ±0.005  Concentricity±0.01

The outside diameter tolerance  ±0.005  Concentricity±0.01

Surface roughness

Ra 0.2-0.4

Ra 0.2-0.4

Ra 0.2-0.4


wear-resisting alkali-resisting

Wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance

Wear resistance and acid resistance


used in pumps and other types of mechanical equipment

used in pumps and other types of mechanical equipment

used in pumps and other types of mechanical equipment

Advantages of Ceramic Bushing and Ceramic Piston

High hardness
● Wear & abrasion resistant
● High compressive strength
● High mechanical Strength
● Resists strong acid and alkali attack at high temperatures

Ceramic Bushing Insulators and Ceramic Piston offer good resistance to strong acids and alkalis at elevated temperatures and are ideal for applications where resistance to corrosive substances is required.

● Excellent electrical insulation properties

Ceramic Bushing and Ceramic Piston are commonly used as a high-temperature electrical insulator. particularly Ceramic Bushing and Ceramic Piston which have higher purity grades have better resistivity.

● High-temperature resistance

Ceramic Bushing and Ceramic Piston Insulators can be used in both oxidizing and reducing atmospheres up to 1650°C (2900°F) and in vacuum environments up to 2000°C (3600°F).

Application of Ceramic Bushing and Ceramic Piston

● Wire and thread guides
● Machine components
● High-temperature electrical insulators
● High voltage insulators
● Electronic components & substrates
● Wear-resistant linings
● Semiconductor parts
● Precision pump in high wear environments


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