Mingxing Ceramics offers a wide variety of alumina ceramic rod manufactured from high-performance technical ceramic materials. Enhance performance and product life by using the material best suited to your application.

Alumina Ceramic Rod is made of high purity alumina material, which is formed by cold isostatic pressure, sintered at high temperature and processed precisely. Alumina Ceramic Rod has the advantages of high-temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high hardness, low friction coefficient and so on. Machinable Ceramic Rod is widely used in medicine, precision machinery, precision measurement, and detection and laser industry. And a machinable ceramic rod can be used in the environment of acid and alkali corrosion and high temperature for a long time.

Mingxing Ceramics as a ceramic rod supplier produces alumina ceramic rod, the purity can choose 95% or 96% alumina, according to the needs of customers. And the machinable ceramic rod can be customized according to customer requirements.

Alumina Ceramic Rod Specifications


95% Alumina ceramics

96% Alumina ceramics




Machining accuracy




Resistant to 1200 degrees Celsius and insulation

Resistant to 1200 degrees Celsius , insulation and Suitable for metallization


electrical equipment

electrical equipment

Advantages of Alumina Ceramic Rod

High-temperature resistance

Refractory, maximum used temperature is 1800 ºC (3272ºF)

● High wear resistance

Wear resistance up to Mohz 9.0 and HRA 80-90

● High electrical insulation

Good insulation performance, electrical resistivity up to 10∧14 Ohm.Cm

● High hardness

Pressure resistance and the max 2300MPa compressive strength, and superior mechanical strength, the max 10 MPa.m1/2 Fracture toughness

● Excellent sliding properties

High polished surface up to Rz0.8(Ra0.1) 

● High corrosion resistance
● Long Service Life

Application of Alumina Ceramic Rod

Alumina Ceramic Rod as a fine ceramic component is widely used in a lot of industries. Alumina Ceramic Rod has superb performances in electrical insulation, high chemical resistance, and low thermal expansion. High purity Alumina Ceramic Rod is excellent for making parts for CVD, ion implants, photolithography, and semiconductor parts. In traditional industries, Alumina Ceramic Rod is ideal for products such as injector tubes, gas nozzles, and insulators. Moreover, Machinable Ceramic Rod is widely used as a protector for high-temperature thermal couples.


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The main products of Mingxing Ceramic include ceramic seal ring, ceramic shaft, alumina ceramic rod and discs, steatite ceramic insulator, etc. 


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