Wide application of alumina wear-resistant ceramics

Alumina wear-resistant ceramics Media has a high hardness which ensures prolonged resistance to chipping and cracking. Ceramic grinding balls and linings are suitable for applications where highly efficient grinding must be paired with low grinding media abrasion. Ceramic ball mill media is absolutely essential in many processes, for instance in medical or pharmaceutical applications, in order to prevent undesired impurities in the grinding materials used.


1. Application in cement plant


(1) Various chutes


Ore crushing system, raw material grinding system, cement grinding system, various chutes and hoppers have large daily throughput, high material hardness, and serious wear on equipment. Previously, without any anti-wear measures, 10mm steel plates were often worn through in one week; changed to 30mm manganese steel lining plates, which were worn through in a few months. The equipment is worn frequently, which not only increases the burden of maintenance, but also seriously affects the normal operation of the equipment. The dust pollution on the site is serious, and the staff suffers greatly.


(2) V-select shell and breaking board


Various shapes of pipeline lining


The use of toughened alumina wear-resistant ceramics instead of wear-resistant steel plates for wear prevention is very effective. Alumina wear-resistant ceramics can also be made into a complete set of broken plates, which not only greatly improves the wear resistance, but also is very convenient to replace.


(3) Fan impeller


In the new dry process production line, the conveyance of powder is mainly powered by the fan. The high-speed rotation of the fan causes the relative movement of the dusty two-phase particle air flow and the blade, which causes serious wear of the impeller. After using alumina wear-resistant ceramics, the wear resistance increases and the service life is increased.


2. Application in power plant


Conveying pipeline lining


The wear of coal-fired power plant pulverizing system is mostly caused by coal powder collision and impact wear. Similar to the air pipe elbow of the powder selection system of the cement plant, the high-speed pulverized coal gas flow is particularly serious for the coal mill outlet of the pulverizing equipment, the inlet and outlet of the coarse and fine powder separator, and the primary air pipe elbow. In the pulverizing system, glue and alumina wear-resistant ceramic plates are generally pasted on the processed steel plates.


3. As grinding media


Due to the characteristics of high hardness, moderate density, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, low price, and the introduction of metal impurities in metal balls, alumina grinding balls are widely used in cement, minerals, ceramics, electronic materials, magnetic materials, And the grinding and processing of raw materials in coatings, paints and other industries is a high-quality grinding medium. In the building ceramics industry, the wear efficiency of alumina grinding balls is 20% to 40% higher than that of natural flint and pebbles. With the reduction of high-quality natural ball stone resources and the high wear rate of ordinary porcelain balls, alumina grinding balls will be used by more and more manufacturers.


4. Oil and gas mining


Alumina wear-resistant ceramics, especially those with an alumina content of 97% (mass) or higher, can be used in petroleum and natural gas drilling equipment. Typical applications are for nozzles, valve seats, regulators, pump accessories, and even drill bit accessories that can vibrate in high-pressure environments, in oil and mud mortars, and sometimes work in the presence of acids and salts. And the requirements for corrosion resistance are more stringent.


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