Why is zirconia ceramic material so popular?

First, friends who know zirconia ceramics should know that it has a very hard shell, and its hardness is close to that of natural diamonds, but it is much lighter than metal in weight, and more importantly, it will never wear and change color. Therefore, many high-end watches are made of zirconia ceramics. Whether it is the case, bezel or dial clasp, the use of zirconia ceramics can make the watch more textured.


Second, using injection molding technology, through good shrinkage ratio control, coupled with later processing, parts made of zirconia ceramics have been widely used in many industries, whether it is a relative comparison of molds or fixtures. The sophisticated production equipment is made of zirconia ceramics.


Third, the flatness of zirconia ceramics that can be directly fired is very good, so many rear film integrated circuits, refrigerators, and ozone generators are processed from zirconia ceramics. It can be said that this ceramic material is made The products made have more advantages than other materials.


Fourth, cutting tools made of zirconia ceramic, which are super common in daily life, are not only stronger and will not rust after a period of use, but more importantly, they will not react with food. It is more popular than other types of knives.


In summary, due to the many remarkable features of zirconia ceramics themselves, products made from zirconia ceramics are also very popular in recent years. Products made of zirconia ceramics are very stable, so everyone can use them with confidence.


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