Why is it so difficult to process zirconia ceramics?

Zirconia ceramic ring mirror polishing is a kind of ceramic flat polishing process, and its main material is zirconia. Pure zirconia is generally white, and appears yellow or gray when it contains impurities. Due to its characteristics, zirconia ceramic rings will have many problems in the processing process. How to solve them, the following Fenghua Mingxing Ceramics Factory will introduce you.


The thickness of the ceramic ring is extremely small, and it is easy to chip and collapse due to the grinding force of the grinding equipment during the processing, which affects the qualified rate of the finished product.


The problem of zirconia material itself. Because the structure of zirconia ceramics will undergo corresponding changes in different temperature environments, we must do a good job of cooling during the grinding process to avoid changes in the material due to temperature, which may lead to imperfect polishing results.


Zirconia ceramic material is a kind of material with relatively high hardness. In fact, not only zirconia ceramics are more difficult to process, but many special ceramic materials are more difficult to process. They are hard and brittle, and will break if you don't pay attention. Fenghua Mingxing Ceramics Factory has more advanced machine tools and a professional research team, which solves this problem to a large extent.


Before rough grinding, the materials should be initially screened, mainly to screen out the problematic materials that are visible to the eyes, such as materials that contain impurities in the wrong color. Avoid unnecessary loss due to material problems.


 In view of the extremely thin characteristics of the ceramic ring itself, a special test was carried out, and a new fixing method was adopted to test the critical point of the perfect combination between the pressure method and the fixing method, so that the workpiece and the grinding disc can achieve the best fit status.


 Aiming at the situation that zirconia is easy to change its crystal state due to temperature, we specially set up a complete set of cooling devices for it.


In the grinding and polishing process, we adopt the process of rough polishing, semi-finish polishing, and fine polishing, using an appropriate amount of copper or iron discs, and ceramic plates as polishing paper, and ceramic mirror polishing machines for processing.


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