Why do industrial ceramics belong to ceramics?

Ceramics commonly understood by us are household fragile products such as floors and bowls. In fact, various types and applications of ceramics are numerous, and their hardness can be very high. For example, the bezel of some of our watches is made of ceramics. For example, the bottom plate of some mobile phones is also made of ceramics, so don't think it will break, because you think too much. For example, many washing machines are called noiseless and silent washing machines, and the principle is to use the smoothness of ceramics as bearings and rolling rings, thus reducing the gap between friction and machinery or steel. And more are used for industrial wear-resistant parts, such as ceramic nails, ceramic nozzles, ceramic bearings, ceramic cleavers (used for chip sewing connection), ceramic dentures, dental drills, golf club heads, fish pendants, mobile phone vibration motors and armor-piercing bullet heads (special bullets that can penetrate tanks).


 In a word, no matter how it changes, based on the definition of raw materials, its industrial ceramics are processed by ceramic powder, so it still has some characteristics of ceramics. Therefore, it is reasonable to call industrial ceramics ceramics ceramics.  


For example, zirconia ceramics is actually only ceramic powder created by different processing techniques. Zirconia is a special material, and the toughening method is mainly achieved by using the phase transformation of zirconia! The molding process includes PIM/MIM/CIM, etc. Among them, zirconia is characterized by beauty and toughness, and alumina ceramics is mainly used for mechanical parts. Silicon carbide is used in military industry.


Therefore, general industrial ceramic manufacturers include the following kinds, such as precision ceramics (including zirconia, alumina, silicon carbide), tungsten alloy, high specific gravity tungsten-based alloy, stainless steel, etc. Most of them can be used in aerospace, electronic communication, military industry, ships, clocks, textiles and other fields, and are suitable for all kinds of appearance ornaments and functional parts with complex shapes and high performance.  Domestic ceramics and industrial ceramics are collectively referred to as ceramics. Domestic ceramics is only a small part of ceramics, and a larger part of it is reflected in industrial ceramics, which promotes our production and life and has a close relationship with us. Because of the special texture and characteristics of ceramics, many machinery, industries and industries cannot do without it.


The main products of Mingxing Ceramic include ceramic seal ring, ceramic shaft, alumina ceramic rod and discs, steatite ceramic insulator, etc. 



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