Where are the limits of zirconia ceramics? Supercomputers may reveal the secret!

Ceramic materials are one of the most "hard" materials known. Among them, zirconia ceramics have been widely used and attracted attention from dentures, artificial joints, and aircraft engine parts.


Recently, a research result of using a supercomputer to calculate the strength of zirconia ceramics was published in the Journal of the European Ceramic Society, which is conducive to making zirconia ceramics work more reliably under extreme conditions and is expected to be used to develop more excellent High temperature materials.

Researchers at the Colorado College of Health in the United States have used supercomputers from many universities to study the characteristics of zirconia online. Through a large number of atomic simulations, they have revealed specific nanostructures, such as the twinning interface and preset defects. Influence of mechanical properties.


According to this, some important applications, such as aircraft engines maintaining high strength and excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion at high temperatures, how to solve the deformation, fracture, fatigue limit, this will open the door to the development of a new generation of advanced ceramics.


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