What are the requirements for zirconia ceramic bearings for electric machinery?

Zirconia ceramics are also widely used in parts and accessories, and the quality requirements and dimensions of different parts are different. So what are the requirements for zirconia ceramics when using bearings for electric machine? Let me introduce to you what are the requirements for zirconia ceramic bearings for electric machine:


Geometric shape accuracy: The geometric shape accuracy of zirconia ceramic bearing parts mainly refers to the roundness and cylindricity of the journal, outer cone, Morse taper hole, etc. Generally, the tolerance should be limited to the dimensional tolerance range. For inner and outer circular surfaces with high precision requirements, the allowable deviation should be marked on the drawing.


Dimensional accuracy: In order to determine the position of the shaft, the zirconia ceramic bearing bearing journal usually requires high dimensional accuracy (IT5-IT7). The dimensional accuracy of the shaft journal of the assembled transmission parts is generally lower (IT6-IT9).


Mutual position accuracy: The position accuracy requirements of zirconia ceramic bearing parts are mainly determined by the position and function of the zirconia ceramic shaft in the machine. Generally, the coaxiality requirements of the shaft journal of the assembly transmission part to the supporting shaft journal should be ensured, otherwise it will affect the transmission accuracy of the transmission part (gear, etc.) and cause noise. For ordinary precision zirconia ceramic shafts, the radial runout of the matching shaft section to the supporting journal is generally 0.01-0.03mm, and high-precision shafts (such as spindles) are usually 0.001-0.005mm.


The above is an introduction to the analysis of the requirements of zirconia ceramic bearings for motors. The use of zirconia ceramic in motors has related requirements in terms of geometrical accuracy, dimensional accuracy, and mutual position accuracy.


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