Research and application of alumina ceramic materials in various fields

 Alumina ceramic is a very common and very important ceramic material with Al2O3 as the main raw material. Al2O3 has many kinds of heterogeneous crystals, the common crystal forms are mainly α, β, γ, θ, etc., but they will be converted into α-Al2O3 at high temperature.α-Al2O3 is the most stable crystal form of all Al2O3, and its stability is closely related to its crystal structure.



Crystal structure of α-Al2O3


α-Al2O3 has a series of excellent properties, so it has a very long history to make α-Al2O3 into alumina ceramics.


The excellent performance of alumina ceramics makes it one of the most versatile ceramics, and plays an important role in structural ceramics, refractory ceramics, optical ceramics, electronic ceramics, and bioceramics.


Alumina ceramics have many practical and valuable properties and functions such as thermal stability, chemical stability, piezoelectricity, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, chemical adsorption, biocompatibility and light transmittance.


Alumina ceramic sintered products can reach 270MPa, and hot press sintered products can reach 480MPa. Because of their good wear resistance, they are widely used in ceramics, manufacturing cutting tools, grinding wheels, bearings and other industries.


Electronics and power applications: It is the most widely used alumina transparent ceramic and substrate in electronics, alumina ceramic substrates, transparent ceramics and various alumina ceramics, ceramic parts, electronic materials, magnetic materials, etc. .


Application of chemical engineering: Alumina ceramics also have many uses, for example, corrosion-resistant coatings of alumina ceramics and chemical filler balls, etc. Among them, the research and application of alumina ceramic films and silicon steel-grade coatings.


Medical applications: Alumina ceramics have good biocompatibility, bio-inertness, stability, high hardness and high wear resistance, and are often used in the preparation of artificial bones and artificial joint materials.


Application of building sanitary ceramics: alumina ball grinding media has good hardness,moderate density, wear resistance and low price, so most of the raw materials used in the construction of sanitary ceramics aralumina ball grinding media machinery machining.


Other applications: In the gem industry, ruby and sapphire are alumina crystals containing trace impurities, and artificial gems can be used as a variety of wear-resistant components. Doped sapphires can also be used as optically activated components of solid-state lasers.

In particular, the use of alumina ceramics' light transmission, wave transmission, laser and other functional characteristics has been increasingly used in high-tech fields such as energy, military, machinery, electronics, and medicine.


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