Production process of alumina ceramics

Alumina ceramic production process! How much do you know? Let us find out!


Production process of alumina ceramics


1. Raw material process


The bauxite ore transported into the factory by truck is weighed at the weighbridge station and then dumped into the unloading station or aluminum ore yard, and sent to the homogenization yard by the belt conveyor for storage, and then transported by the bucket wheel reclaimer and belt The machine sends the bauxite to the grinding head bin of the raw material mill.


2. Dissolution workshop


The raw ore pulp sent from the raw material workshop enters the heating tank of the atmospheric pressure desiliconization section, the temperature is raised from 82 to 87 ℃ to 100 ± 5 ℃, and then sent to the pre-desiliconization tank for continuous desiliconization.


3. Settlement


The diluted slurry sent from the tank after dissolution and the flocculant prepared by the flocculant are mixed into the separation settling tank, and the bottom flow of the separation settling tank (solid content is about 38% to 42% solid content 640-730g) is pumped to the washing and settling Tank, using three or four times of reverse washing washing water added from the last tank, the bottom stream of the last washing contains about 46% to 53% solid content (solid content 650800g01), after being filtered by the filter, it is transported to the red mud storage yard by truck for stacking Save.


Finished alumina production process (alumina ceramic ring)


4. Decomposition


The slurry sent from the control section enters the slurry heat exchange process of the decomposition workshop. The slurry undergoes secondary heat exchange in this section, and the slurry temperature drops from 100-105°C to 61-70°C, and then the seeds are sent for filtration and seeding.


5. Evaporation


The mother liquor sent from the decomposition workshop enters the evaporation stock tank of the evaporation workshop. The Yanfa section adopts the mother liquor partial evaporation process, part of the mother liquor enters the evaporator, and the other part of the mother liquor is directly sent to the circulating mother liquor mixing tank.


6. Roasting process


The aluminum hydroxide slurry from the decomposition and classification is buffered by the aluminum hydroxide slurry storage tank, and the aluminum hydroxide is separated and washed by a pumped horizontal disc filter. After washing, the water content of the filter cake is 6-8%. Use a belt conveyor to send to the roaster feeding box or aluminum hydroxide bin. After filtration, the mother liquor and filtrate are sent to the conical mother liquor tank for seed filtration after being slowed in their respective storage tanks.


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