Compressive strength and flexural strength of zirconia precision ceramics at high temperature

Zirconia precision ceramic material has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, wear resistance, large thermal expansion coefficient, small specific heat and thermal conductivity, and toughening characteristics after stabilization. The following Kezhong Ceramics is good for everyone Introduce the compressive strength and flexural strength of zirconia precision ceramics at high temperature.


The high temperature compressive strength is the ultimate pressure that the zirconia precision ceramic material can withstand per unit section at high temperature. As the temperature rises, the strength of most refractory products increases, among which clay products and high-alumina products are particularly significant, reaching a maximum at 1000-1200°C. This is because the viscosity of the melt produced at high temperatures is higher than that of the brittle glass phase at low temperatures. But the bond between particles is stronger. When the temperature continues to rise, the intensity drops sharply. The high temperature compressive strength index of zirconia precision ceramic material can reflect the change of the bonding state of the product at high temperature.


High-temperature flexural strength refers to the ultimate bending stress per unit section of the zirconia precision ceramic material can withstand at high temperatures. It characterizes the ability of zirconia precision ceramic materials to resist bending moments at high temperatures.


High temperature flexural strength is also called high temperature bending strength or high temperature rupture modulus. Determine the maximum load that a rectangular parallelepiped sample of a certain size can bear when bent on a three-point bending device at high temperature. It can be calculated according to the flexural strength formula.

The high temperature strength of refractory materials is closely related to its actual use. Especially for evaluating the quality of alkaline direct bonded bricks, the high temperature flexural strength is a very important performance. For example, the high-temperature flexural strength of the alkaline direct-bonded brick is high, and the shear stress caused by the temperature gradient is strong, so the product is not easy to peel off during use. Products with high high-temperature flexural strength will also improve the impact and abrasion resistance of their materials, and enhance the slag resistance. Therefore, the high-temperature flexural strength is used as an indicator of the strength of the product. The high-temperature flexural strength index of zirconia precision ceramic materials mainly depends on the chemical mineral composition, organizational structure and production process of the product.


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