Application of ceramic sealing ring

Ceramic sealing ring is widely used in all aspects of our life. Because of its high-performance electrical sealing system adopts ceramic sealing ring, it has excellent heat resistance, mechanical shock and corrosion performance. It is often used in electrical sealing system, and because of its excellent corrosion resistance and biological Compatibility is commonly used in medical implant devices such as fibrillators, cochlear implants and neurostimulators. The excellent resistance to high temperature, vibration and mechanical shock is often used in aerospace such as aircraft engines, fire detection systems, etc.

Ceramic sealing ring not only has the above advantages and application range, but also has excellent wear resistance and other characteristics. We often see it in automobile and vehicle engineering. The wear resistance improves the dimensional stability, thereby improving the performance of the vehicle, reducing the noise emission level and extending the service life of all types of pumps in the vehicle. For example, in coolant pumps, electronic fuel pumps and high-pressure pumps for diesel engines, all have ceramic seals. Now we give some examples to understand ceramic seals.

The application of ceramic seals on ships

Modern large ships are equipped with seawater desalination equipment, and the crew's domestic wastewater also has a dedicated discharge pipeline.

Many people have questions about whether the relative rotation of the propeller shaft under the hull will cause seawater infiltration problems. In fact, the technology has already matured. Ceramic seals are installed on the shafts of industrial and civilian submersible pumps to ensure that the water under high pressure is not As for penetration into the rotor and stator.

The principle of the underwater sealing ring is very simple, that is, it is difficult to manufacture and requires high precision. One end of the ceramic seal ring is fixed to the ship's iron shell, and the other end is fixed to the rotating shaft. The two high-temperature and friction-resistant ceramic rings are in close contact and keep relative rotation. The gap between the two ceramic rings is smaller than water molecules. Ensure that the rotating shaft does not seep during high-speed rotation.


The propeller and the main engine are connected by a propeller shaft, the propeller shaft is the rotating part, and the propeller shaft is covered with a tail shaft tube. There is a very good stern shaft seal between the stern tube and the propeller shaft. So there will be no water.

Of course, the sealing rings of large ships are more advanced and more complicated.

Application of ceramic sealing ring in new energy electric vehicles

An electronic ceramic ring the size of a fingernail or a coin may seem inconspicuous, but it is an important part of a new energy electric vehicle. This small electronic ceramic ring, scientifically called "new power battery ceramic sealed connector", is used in new energy electric vehicles to form a sealed conductive connection between the power battery cover and the pole. First, there are production workshops for ceramic granulation, dry pressing, porcelain formation, and finishing, which at first glance are no different from ordinary ceramic production plants. But the next printing workshop and brazing and sealing workshop are the core of the "transformation" electronic ceramics. It breaks through the traditional electronic ceramic solderability problem that is limited by materials, and solves the safety problems of battery connection and electronic control technology in the field of new energy vehicles. We can see the extensive use of electronic ceramic products, such as power battery ceramic sealed connectors, energy storage and charging pile EV ceramic relays, ceramic power resistors, etc.

Application of ceramic sealing ring on battery

The ceramic seals is located under the battery cap, the function is to ensure that the battery has a good airtightness, block the leakage of electrolyte, and provide a good airtight environment for the internal reaction of the battery. At the same time, it can also play a decompression buffering effect when the battery cover is pressed down, ensuring the normal operation of the internal components of the battery, and providing an important guarantee for the battery life and safety.

 The role of the sealing ring is not only to ensure the sealing performance of the battery, but also to "save life" at a critical moment. Generally, at least one weak part is set on the sealing ring, and its strength is lower than other parts of the main body plane. When the gas pressure inside the battery increases abnormally before the explosion pressure of the battery, the weak part of the sealing ring can be broken, the gas inside the battery is released from the broken place, and the gas is discharged according to the set gas flow route to prevent unpredictable Airflow to avoid a strong explosion of the battery. However, most rubber sealing rings will produce elastic deformation under pressure, and with the increase of pressure, permanent plastic deformation will also occur, which will affect the service life of the battery. For some special batteries, it is obviously not up to its requirements, which requires some new sealing rings of other materials. Ceramic materials have good acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance, making them a new choice. Now ceramic seals are increasingly used in the power battery industry.

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