Application of alumina ceramics

In machinery


The bending strength of alumina ceramic sintered products can reach 250MPa, and the hot-pressed products can reach 500MPa. Alumina ceramics can reach Mohs hardness of 9, and have excellent anti-wear performance, etc., so it is widely used in manufacturing tools, ball valves, grinding wheels, ceramic nails, bearings, etc. Among them, alumina ceramic tools and industrial valves are used The widest.


1. Pure alumina ceramic cutter

The optimal cutting speed of alumina ceramic tools is higher than that of general cemented carbide tools, which can greatly improve the cutting efficiency of different materials. With the extensive research of scientific workers, the addition of other components constitutes two phases or exists in the form of solid solution in alumina matrix composite ceramics and whisker-reinforced ceramics. These technologies make up for the deficiencies of pure alumina ceramics, thereby improving its cutting performance and durability.


2. Composite alumina ceramic cutter

Alumina-carbide ceramic cutting tool is to add certain carbide to alumina to improve its strength, wear resistance, impact resistance and high temperature performance. Due to the addition of metal, the connection strength of alumina and carbide is improved, and the performance is improved. These ceramic tools are suitable for processing hardened steel, alloy steel, manganese steel, chilled cast iron, nickel-based and cobalt-based alloys, and non-metals. Materials etc.


3. Toughened alumina ceramic cutter

Toughened alumina ceramic tools refer to the addition of toughened or reinforced materials to the alumina matrix. At present, the commonly used toughening methods are: ZrO2 phase transformation toughening, whisker toughening, second phase particle dispersion toughening, etc.




In terms of electronics and power, there are various alumina ceramic base plates, substrates, ceramic films, transparent ceramics, and various alumina ceramic electrical insulating ceramics, electronic materials, magnetic materials, etc. Among them, alumina transparent ceramics and substrates are used The widest.


1. Alumina transparent ceramics

At present, transparent ceramics are an important frontier for research and application in the field of materials. As an emerging material, transparent ceramics have high thermal conductivity, low electrical conductivity, high hardness, high strength, low dielectric constant and dielectric loss, wear resistance and corrosion resistance in addition to their wide range of light transmittance. A series of advantages such as good sex.


2. Alumina ceramic substrate

Alumina ceramic substrates have excellent properties such as high mechanical strength, good insulation and high light shielding properties, and are widely used in multilayer wiring ceramic substrates, electronic packaging and high-density packaging substrates.




In chemical applications, alumina ceramics also have a wide range of uses, such as alumina ceramic chemical filler balls, inorganic microfiltration membranes, corrosion-resistant coatings, etc. Among them, the most research and application of alumina ceramic membranes and coatings.


Alumina ceramic membrane

Membranes are divided into organic polymer membranes and inorganic membranes. Compared with organic polymer membranes, ceramic membranes have the following characteristics:



In Medical


In medicine, alumina is more used to make artificial bones, artificial joints, artificial teeth and so on.


Advantages: Alumina ceramics have excellent biocompatibility, bio-inertness, physical and chemical stability, high hardness and high wear resistance, and are ideal materials for preparing artificial bones and artificial joints.


Disadvantages: high brittleness, low fracture toughness, high difficulty in machining technology, complicated process, etc.




In terms of building sanitary ceramics, products are everywhere, such as alumina ceramic lining bricks, grinding media, rollers, ceramic protection tubes, and alumina refractory materials. Among them, alumina ball milling media is the most widely used.




Alumina ceramics is one of the most studied and widely used materials among new materials. In addition to the above applications, it is also widely used in other high-tech fields, such as aerospace, high-temperature industrial furnaces, composite reinforcement, etc. .


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