Application and progress of alumina ceramic substrate in automobiles

Alumina ceramic substrates have excellent comprehensive properties, are very important materials in the automotive industry, and are more and more widely used in automobiles. Ceramic materials are extremely important for improving the performance of automobiles, reducing fuel consumption, and reducing exhaust pollution. Important value. With the continuous development of science and technology, more and more new materials and new processes are used in the R&D and production stages of automobiles. This also makes people's requirements for lightweight, low-cost, intelligent, economical and reliable automobiles become Possibly, for the use of new materials, alumina ceramic substrate material is one of the best functional materials. Alumina ceramic substrates have a variety of excellent and unique properties. When used in automobiles, they are active in reducing the quality of the vehicle itself, improving the thermal efficiency of the engine, reducing fuel consumption, reducing exhaust pollution, increasing the life of wearing parts, and improving the intelligent functions of automobiles significance.

The application of alumina ceramic substrate in automobile engine

The alumina ceramic substrate can withstand high temperatures above 1,000 degrees Celsius, which promotes the development of new applications in automobiles. For example: to reduce the fuel consumption of diesel engines by more than 30%, it can be said that alumina ceramics is an indispensable material. In the current gasoline engine, about 78% of the combustion energy is lost in heat and heat transfer. The thermal efficiency of the diesel engine is 33%, which is very superior compared to the gasoline engine, but more than 60% of the heat energy is still lost. Therefore, in order to reduce this part of the loss, use ceramic materials with good thermal insulation properties to surround the combustion chamber for insulation, and then use exhaust gas turbochargers and power turbines to recover exhaust energy. Tests have shown that this can increase the thermal efficiency to 48%. At the same time, due to the use of alumina ceramic substrates, it will become possible to start diesel engines instantly.

The application of alumina ceramic substrate in automotive sensors

The requirements for automotive sensors are that they can be used in the harsh environment (high temperature, low temperature, vibration, acceleration, humidity, noise, exhaust gas) unique to the car for a long time, and should be small and lightweight, reusable, and have a wide output range. The heat resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and potential excellent electromagnetic and optical functions of the alumina ceramic substrate have been fully utilized in recent years with the advancement of manufacturing technology. The sensor made of alumina ceramic material can fully meet the above requirements.

The application of alumina ceramic substrate in automotive shock absorbers

The damping device of luxury cars is an intelligent damping device that is successfully developed by comprehensively utilizing the positive piezoelectric effect, inverse piezoelectric effect and electrostrictive effect of alumina ceramics. Due to the use of high-sensitivity alumina ceramic components, this type of shock absorber has the function of identifying the road surface and self-adjusting, which can minimize the vibration caused by the rough road surface of the car.

In short, the alumina ceramic substrate is a ceramic material product that is under continuous development, but there are still issues to be solved in many aspects such as raw material preparation, material evaluation and utilization technology. At present, alumina ceramic substrates are not widely used in automobiles. The main reasons are: complex manufacturing processes and high requirements; because alumina ceramic substrates have strict requirements on raw materials and difficult processes, it is difficult to maintain the performance of various batches of products. Uniformly.

People have every reason to believe that with the rapid development of science and technology, more alumina ceramic substrates and smart ceramic products will be introduced and used in automobiles in the future automobile manufacturing industry, and they will definitely be used in automobile production. It is widely used.


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